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Sign up for a FREE 30-MINUTE CONSULTATION and compare our accountant to yours!

Sign up for a FREE 30-MINUTE CONSULTATION and compare our accountant to yours!

Why Dentists Across The Country Hire US Dental CPA’s?

For most Dentists their CPA’s and Accountants are good at recording history.  But for a dental practice to thrive and grow financially, looking backwards isn’t enough.  You need PROACTIVE forward looking financial thinking, insightful analysis and usable, real life recommendations to move your dental practice forward & create wealth for yourself.

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As Our Client You Have Direct Access, No Phone Tag!

When you’re in your practice, you’re usually busy with patients and working with your team.  So when you have an important question, you don’t have the time to trade calls with an accountant.  That is why you deal directly with our partners, senior staff and specialists.  We’re not a big 4 accounting practice with layers of clerks and bookkeepers.  We only hire senior people.

So if you want financial advice that’s not only helpful but INSTRUCTIVE on how to be more effective financially in your practice and personal life, give me a call at 800-800-1776.  If you call and I’m not available we can schedule a time to talk and you can test drive me on the unlimited discussion promise while I explain how our program works and the cost based on your needs (annual, quarterly or monthly reporting).

Or if you have a specific question you don’t want to discuss on the phone, send me an email at tpatton@pattonandassociates.com

Regards, Troy C. Patton, CPA - US Dental CPA.com

PS. Most dentists can’t afford an on-site controller or CFO but they need access to one to effectively manage the amounts of money that come through their practices.

Imagine the power of making better financial decisions, investment decisions AND saving money by avoiding financial mistakes.  The money saved by itself should easily pay for our services.