Why do all these dentists nationwide hire us to help them solve their finances, accounting, tax and bookkeeping problems?

The Tough Questions We Answer For Dentists Like You Everyday...

If you had the money, you would invest in and hire a CFO that would not only make sure your practice check book balanced and your collections were up to date, but who would answer tough money questions and give you STRATEGIC advice on issues like:

Unfortunately these are the questions a bookkeeper or an average public accountant won't know the answer to. Often even a good bookkeeper or accounting firm will give weak or bad advice or answers because they don't deal with dentists every day and the unique aspects of a dental practice.

This is why they do (and you should too)

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The Accountants Who Dentists Hire For All Their Dental Practice Accounting Work

www.US Dental CPA.com

Sign up for a FREE 30-MINUTE CONSULTATION and compare our accountant to yours!

Sign up for a FREE 30-MINUTE CONSULTATION and compare our accountant to yours!

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When you are looking to hire an Accountant or CPA for your company (or make a change from your current Accountant to a different one) we want you to talk to and sort of interview us so you can see if we:

That's why we offer you a Free 30-Minute No-Obligation Accounting / CPA Service Consultation.  It's your opportunity, at absolutely no cost or obligation to you, to interview us and ask us questions about what we do, our services and our costs.

Plus it gives us a chance to find out about you and your business AND make sure we're the right kind of accounting firm for you.

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